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I am
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World’s biggest skeptic here. First cougar lady, too prim. Second cougar lady, thunder under the covers. Lovin her sweet bod!!!

Thomas R., Canberra, Australia

I been hurt an rejected in the passed by girls. Cougars don’t do that. They call me tanned an toned. They teez me till I’m hard, over an over…

Lachlan from Melbourne, Australia

I found cougardating.tv and hooked up with Mari a week later. She says she worships my body and kisses it all over. We party every weekend.

Oliver, Gold Coast

I wanted to spend a few years with a young surfer type. Six foot two, blond and blue. Without cougardatingcafe.tv I couldn’t have known he liked older women.

Ruby, Gold Coast

I got divorced and wanted an easy relationship. Being at my sexual peak, I didn’t want to be alone. Ian was looking for a cougar. He’s dynamite.

Sophie, an Aussie from Launceston